About Me

Hello. I'm Abdurahim Yusuf. A CompSci student who enjoys psychology, physical fitness and philosophy. ...

Inspired into software development and data analytics while working as an account manager for a Nike subsidiary. Majority of my time was spent working with customer data and reporting UI issues to developers. My natural curiosity has lead me ever since.

Life Motto
Life is like a video game. The goal is to upgrade yourself as many time as possible. Take the next challenge, don't be afraid to fail. Iterate till you level up.

My Current Quest: To develop technology that improves mental health.
  • Front-End

  • Mobile Apps

  • Game Dev

  • Automated Bots

  • Servers & Networking

  • SQL Databases

Overview of my skills... so far

I am experienced in Front-End Development(html/css, javascript, React) as well as Python and C.

My projects include websites, cross-platform apps, games and automation bots.

I am also familiar with networking on linux servers using Dockers and Databases using SQL.

Skills: Front-End Web Development, Game Development, Automation, SQL, Data analytics(Excel,Tableau), linux, GitHub, Bash Terminal

  • Languages/frameworks and tools:

My Projects

Applying procedural, functional and OOP methodologies. From theory to reality


Tower Defense Game

Using the pygame library, this game uses sprite manipulation, 2d projectile physics calculations and design concepts.

Hangman GIF


A gaming project that brings you the classic game of Hang Man using Python Tkinter GUI. The Game picks a random word out of 10,000 most common English words. The fun begins.

desktop -> mobile GIF

Responsive website

Custom website with slick UI that includes everything a business site needs. Applied css/html designs and media queries. Looks great on Mobile or desktop.

Twitter Bot

Twitter automation using Selenium with Python. Using it to Learn web scraping(useful when no APIs are available). Modularized for ease of use and readability.

Mystic Square GIF

Numpuzzle Game
(C Programming)

Created a Fun interactive C version of the classic Number puzzle game(aka Mystic Square, 15-puzzle).

Data analytics with SQL and Tableau

Data collection, cleansing and analysis are fundamentals of data science. This Tableau dashboard shows awesome unforseen insights about the NBA bubble. live dashboard will be live on this site soon.

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